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I take them so one day he will see his own magic Personal| Real is Better Than Perfect Series

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of amazing books and those books have me reflecting on WHY no matter what is goingView full post »

Reasons you NEED to hire a professional family photographer

If there is anything that I believe in with all of my heart, especially as a mother… it’s that every singleView full post »

Make this place your home! Real is Better Than Perfect Series

I don’t often write about my husband!  He doesn’t like the spotlight and in fact, it was his job to stayView full post »

Every day Life and a Life that’s imperfectly good Real is Better Than Perfect

I always go back and forth between wanting to be a rock star boss/business babe and then feeling my heart so pulledView full post »

What I learned When I left my Phone Behind

Linc and I took a nice little trip back to our hometown in Virginia Beach this past spring break!  What happened on theView full post »

Smashing the Jar Real is Better Than Perfect Motherhood Series

I was listening to something the other morning, part of an online conference, and the speaker… Tonya from InkwellView full post »

Magic Mondays Coming | New Series! Cheers: A Disney Life for Me

I am so excited to start this new series with ya’ll! We get e mails all the time asking about Disney:  where toView full post »

Momtuition Real is Better Than Perfect Mom Series

When I used to work at the children’s hospital, I would say it at least 2 to 3 times daily:  “You are theView full post »

How I Let Go of the Balance Struggle Small Business owning mama

Balance: Everyone is seeking it and yet no one seems to quite grasp it!  It’s a hot topic lately and one thatView full post »

Motherhood Mondays | What Are You Most Thankful For This Holiday Season Real is Better Than Perfect Motherhood Series

Happy Monday mamas!  As I sit here on Sunday night (yes.. for real I am blogging on a Sunday night and I consider thatView full post »

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