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I’ve been working soo soo hard getting ready to reveal and introduce some really new and exciting things for Brooke Tucker Photography clients! Things that have me smiling so much my cheeks hurt and have me jumping out of my skin that I just can’t contain how excited I really am!  I don’t even think excitement is the word that covers how I’m feeling anymore!


Part of all of this brand new FUN to be revealed soon will come with 5 little somethings… and I promise all will be explained soon enough.  Right now I know it’s all confusing and leaving you feeling your a bit lost but trust me, it will be worth the wait 😉

In the meantime, before I share all this new business excitement with you, I wanted to share a more personal side with you!  I really wanted to share with you who I am and why I really love what I get to do.  I wanted you to really understand why this is so much more than just a job and why children and family lifestyle photography is where my heart will always pull me!

So this week will be a lot of posts about where my business comes from, who I am and why my heart aches so much to do this!

First things first though, I wanted to start with 5 little things!  5 little things that really kind of sum me up!

1.  I LOVE…. love love love (and am kind of addicted to) real coca cola classic!  This probably sounds horrible but I grew up drinking it… for breakfast!  It’s my hey, I’ve had a really rough day and I just need a drink.  Its my go-to drink!  It’s my ice cold beverage choice during a BBQ.  It’s my favorite soda and there is nothing like a coca cola from the bottle, a real glass bottle!  If I’m having a rough day, Tuck knows to bring me a coke!  If we are celebrating something… he brings me a coke!  I LOVE a great coca cola!

2.  A warm, cable knit sweater!  I am always cold!  100 degrees outside and you can find me in shorts and a sweater, seriously.  My favorite is a warm, cable knit sweater, preferably in the color gray!  There is just something that feels safe and calming about a cable knit and grey reminds me of my mornings on the beach with my mom and grand ma!  I just think cable knit alone is fabulous!

3.  The color Yellow!  I have always loved the color yellow but it’s so hard to find the right color yellow.  If I could I would paint my house yellow!  It’s such a happy color and a fun color!  When we first moved in our house we had one room that the previous owners had painted completely yellow.  It was their son’s room and it was steeler yellow… BRIGHT YELLOW!  It was crazy but I wanted to leave it because I just love yellow.  It was so incredibly bright that for the first month Tuck and I kept running upstairs at night because we thought the light was always left on!  It took us almost two years but we finally painted over the yellow, our guests are now thanking us!  I know yellow can be crazy!  It can be wild and bright and really out there, but that is why I adore it.  I feel like I’m a little bit wild and bright and really out there sometimes!  Once you pair yellow with a color like gray though it softens and they just complete each other so well and create this warm, comfortable connection.  This how Tuck and I are!  He’s the gray to my yellow and Lincoln… well, he’s our blue!  🙂

4.  BISCUITS!  There is nothing like a good buttered biscuit!  My preference is from Hardees if it’s breakfast time, but I will take a biscuit from anywhere at anytime.  Red lobster cheddar bay biscuit anyone?!  I love a good biscuit with butter, or honey if it’s a puff!  If I’m sick, I want a biscuit.  If I’m super hungry, I want a biscuit.  If we are having chicken… I want a biscuit!  I just always want biscuits, with a coke please!  My mom will also warn you to watch yourself while I’m eating one because apparently I eat them like a great white shark!  My jaw comes forward as my head recedes back… I guess it’s pretty scary!

5.  The ocean!  I have always lived in Virginia Beach and will always live in Virginia Beach.  It’s a part of my whole family.  My entire family has been born and raised here, which is extremely rare!  I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to raise my son here now;  as well and let him experience the ocean the way that I was able to when I was little.  I still remember taking bike rides with my parents when I was probably his age or smaller.  I can remember only because the smell of honey suckle brings me back.  Do you ever have smells that can do that for you?  The smell of honey suckle and the salty ocean air can do that for me!  Whenever I smell the beach or the ocean I instantly feel calm and at peace.  It reminds me of so many wonderful memories!  Memories of long beach days with my parents, days playing with both my grandmothers who I miss dearly, and nights spent building sand castles.  Sometimes I take this area for granted and I forget just how lucky I am.  There are always those nights though when I step outside and sit on my deck (coke in hand of course) and as the breeze passes over I can smell the ocean air and I remember how truly blessed I am!


These are just a few things that really define who I am!  Just 5 things that when most people think of me this is what also comes to mind!  There are other’s of course like my love for Harry Potter, how much I love bubbles and how my hair is always in some kind of pony tail!  Those 5 above are the ones that really have the stories that mean the most to me.

What 5 little things can you think of or write down to describe who you are?!

Images courtesy of Elizabeth Friske Photography!!!!

  • July 28, 2014 - 2:36 pm

    Katie - OMG!!! I want a coke soooo bad!!! These girls need to make their appearance (although not too soon) just so I can drink a coke again (stupid bogus gestational diabetes), and a beer, and a Monster Rehab. Not all at the same time though.

    My 5 things…hmmmm:
    1. Flip flops
    2. One of these days I will have the beach as my backyard (literally) and I will have a hammock to lay in and watch the ocean.
    3. Philadelphia Sports!! (well, mostly the Eagles and Flyers and a little Phillies…couldn’t care less about basketball)
    4. A heavy barbell (so long stress!)
    5. Bacon. Does anything more really need to be said?!

    • July 28, 2014 - 2:38 pm - Katie I love you!!! I’m going to start a basket for you! I don’t know what a monster rehab is though… I’m afraid to ask though because that might be another one to add to my list!ReplyCancel

  • July 28, 2014 - 2:51 pm

    Katie - Monster Rehab is just evil and delicious! It’s basically an Arnold Palmer energy drink!!! And then they started making them in other flavors too but I like the original the best.ReplyCancel

Yesterday I crashed!  It was an “off” day from the start and I could tell from the moment I opened my eyes!

I woke with a crick in my neck, which is never a good thing.  Linc was still asleep… which also never happens and while most people would say a silent Amen… that is almost never ever a good thing in this house!  We are all early risers and if we sleep in it always means something is up!

My girlfriend called and said Hampton was under tornado watch… what IS this weather we are having?!  Seriously, I feel like one minute we are living in Florida but the next it’s the mid west!  Linc is now developing a fear of rain and thunder so I knew it was just going to be an “off” day.

But do you ever have an off day that just surprises you and turns out to be exactly what you need?!

We ended up ditching all of our usual responsibilities and activities and just hanging out for the day!  It was some kind of really wonderful.  We played with our sweet friends at the Hunt Club for just a half hour before the storm rolled on through and then we came home to snuggles after cuddles!

Linc is so extremely active now and I find myself really struggling to keep up with him.  He is all boy and he is crazy and wild and super fun!  He has energy for days and his only speed is lighting fast!  He doesn’t understand walk because he literally zooms around the house flying from one thing to the other.

So yesterday… when the storm rolled in our “off” day turned into a day of heaven for me!  Linc and I spent our time watching Frozen and divided it up between laying on the couch together or laying on the floor with him draped across me.  He was super sweet yesterday wanting to hold my hand the entire day and that is something I will always cherish and remember!

Sometimes I think the “off” days are reminders that we need to take a break and breath.  I think the “off” days are really little blessings in disguise if we can look past the small hiccups that get us there and appreciate the big picture!

I needed a break yesterday and a chance to slow down from all the work and the hustle and bustle!  My little boy gave me that along with some extra hugs and kisses!

Today is a down day for me… meaning Linc has bad allergies, my allergies are kicking my butt AND I’m teaching my body flow class this morning!

SO… I’m taking this morning off a bit while he’s playing his little boy heart out with his friends at school!  I pick him up at 12 so for the first few hours this morning before my class, I’m just soaking up the quiet and a warm cup of coffee!

These days just seem to be flying by lately and are so filled I find myself falling into bed without remembering how I even got there!  Do you have those nights?!  I sleep so hard I don’t remember if I even dreamed and the sleep felt like it was barely ten minutes long.

In the middle of all these crazy days, we’ve had some pretty Great moments and some pretty weird moments too!


  • Linc has slept in his big boy bed all the through the night since Sunday night when we introduced it without leaving his bed!  Every single night!  It’s been really amazing and I’m so proud of him!
  • He’s since decided to grow up over night and also use the potty!
  • We now have enough monster trucks to form our own monster jam rally (that’s a sarcastic great!)
  • Family dinner’s!
  • Family reading time… in the big bed!
  • New and exciting things happening for Brooke Tucker Photography (more information to come on that soon)
  • Tipper’s learning to like running now and goes on evening runs with Tuck.  It’s so great for both of them.  Sometimes she quits and pancakes but eventually she gets back up and muscles through it!
  • Snuggles with Tipps… we play a game called c’mere Tip and she literally pounces like a jack rabbit between the two of us on our ridiculously large couch and tries to smother us with kisses!
  • Date night will be a regular happening over here pretty soon!
  • The video of the dad singing his own version to Magic’s rude!  It’s so awesome and I love it!  That song gets stuck in my head so much and it’s always on the radio when I’m in my car.  I love that guys version so much better!


  • Napping is somewhat of an interesting time here now with the big bed.  That’s when Linc exercises his freedom.  Yesterday he DID nap… but on the floor under his bed!  hahah
  • Grey hair.. yep I have grey hair coming in and right at the front, in one wiry silver streak!  Awesome!
  • Curly hair at the back of my ear?!  What is that!!!!
  • The grocer following me around the store the other day commenting on ALL of the items in my grocery cart!
  • Totally get caught singing loudly in my car without realizing my windows were down by a police officer on a motorcycle!  He was laughing!  And I was totally singing Frozen too!
  • Linc telling a stranger that he “pushes mommy out”.  Yea that one is so awkward!  At school in order to help the kids transition when their parents leave, they encourage the kids to “push the parents out” a.k.a. walk them to the door and push the door shut.

How is your week filling up with Great and Weird things?!

M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o
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