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Hand in hand they walked all along the cobblestones and the streets of downtown Norfolk;  his hand never leaving her hand or the small of her back!  They laughed together and joked… making those playful jokes that only couples who are completely comfortable with one another can make.  You know, the ones that come with the comfort of not only loving but truly understanding and supporting and believing in your partner.  Through good times and great times as well as some times that aren’t as wonderful!  The love that comes from being with someone that truly does render you a best friend, a better half and a half of someone else’s heart!

Vince and Krystin met 5 years ago during this time of year:  fall and Halloween.  These two have been laughing and joking and giving each other a good natured and loving hard time ever since that wonderful day five years ago!

You see in between all the jokes and the story of how they met (which is filled with laughter and oh no’s and oh my goshes); if you look close enough, you can see how deep their love runs.  You see that Vince never ever takes his eyes off of Krystin.  He watches out for her in every step she takes:  protecting and guiding in the most gentle and loving way!  If you pay attention, you will find that Krystin comes to life when she tells their story!  Her eyes light up and her smile is so incredibly beautiful and endearing that it could make the Grinch’s heart swell like Christmas morning!

Krystin and Vince share such a special kind of love and I am beyond excited and blessed to be a part of their big day next September!  As well as an incredibly exciting year this will be for the two of them and their families!

They were so at ease in front of the camera during their engagement shoot that I can’t wait to see what special moments we are able to capture during their wedding!




This gorgeous gal turned one a few weeks ago!

We had a BLAST at her birthday party;  but more importantly she had a blast smashing up her birthday cake!

Most of the time my little ones are a bit shy when it comes to the smashing part but not Miss Avery!  She LOVED every bit of the smashing and the tasting and the cheering!

She lived it up in her rainbow colored tutu with her beautiful blue eyes and that dark gorgeous hair!

Rock on Girlfriend!

And there may have been a radio flyer wagon date between Avery and Linc after she was cleaned up and had a very special (very girlie and ruffly) outfit on!  There may have even been some touching involved… of the eyes, nose and mouth identification type!  😉

But we’ll just keep that bit between us!

A snuggly little bundle of perfection; this little one is super special to me!

I’ve known his momma for almost 25 years now, how crazy is that!  It’s a bit ridiculous!  And I couldn’t be more excited for their newest addition to their family!

I can’t wait for this little snuggle bug to grow up around my little master of disaster and hopefully share the same kind of friendship that his momma and I have shared!

I’m sure they will get into way more trouble than we did (and I’m sure I will suffer gray hair, a few mini heart attacks and possibly a stomach ulcer or two because of all that trouble).  But I know I will get to suffer all that right along side with my closest friend in the world and I couldn’t be more over the moon about it!  One day we will rock in our rockers with our spiced cider and laugh about all that trouble right Colleen?!

Jackson is such a little man already!  He knows what he wants when he wants it and that is a great sign of someone who is going to grow up and do many amazing things in this world!  He has long fingers and long feet just like his momma… but he smiles sometimes just like his dad!  It’s the sweetest little smile ever!

With parents like Colleen and Kimo, he has one incredible future ahead filled with lots of love and laughs and bright days!

Thank you for coming and spending my morning with mr Jacks!  I loved my snuggles and my kisses!  And I feel so incredibly blessed to see you grow and change in this big year to come!

We love you!

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