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Happy Monday, ya’ll!!!

Gorgeous Kitty Hawk Pier, Outer Banks North Carolina Wedding, Sand and Waves, by Brooke Tucker Photography

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and (if you are hanging around here in Virginia Beach or Obx) that you stayed dry and warm and lazy!!!

My weekend was the best kind of weekend… a wild weekend that went by so fast I barely had time to blink!  I’ve actually been waiting for this weekend for almost an entire year now!  I actually may have been waiting an entire year, I can’t remember!  It’s seems too far back to even try to remember.

Growing up I lived on a cul de sac and we were truly blessed with some of the most amazing neighbors.  I’m not really just saying that… we really had the best neighbors there ever were (and my parents still do!)  Christie and her older brother Matt (who was a year older than I was) and her younger sister Stephanie lived one house over, and the four of us were always playing together!  I actually can’t think of my childhood without thinking of Christie, Matt and Stephanie.  This time of year was especially fun because if we weren’t outside splashing in the cul de sac because it was flooded from the rain (and the Herman’s had all the best toys for that!) we were gearing up to go tour the entire neighborhood for Halloween trick or treating with our dad’s!

We were all walkers, which meant all four of us walked to and from school together every single day.  We would drop off our back packs and usually decide quickly where we were eating snacks and whether we were playing outside until dinner or in the Herman’s upstairs playroom!

This weekend… I had the incredible honor of shooting Christie’s wedding in Kitty Hawk.  She and Adam were surrounded by all of their family and their friends and they said ‘I do’ right in the middle of a pretty epic Nor’Easter!

*You can always tell those that have a true love and have hearts that are called by the ocean!  Beach lovers aren’t just made, they are born with a stirring that rests within the depths of their souls.  My bride was born at the beach and despite the wind and the epic rolling “angry” waves;  she took off barefoot in her beautiful wedding dress, without a second’s pause, to run and breathe in the salt and the mist.  I would love to say she ran down the beach, but we really had no beach!  The waves were crashing so high, but Christie was stunning as she navigated the small path of sand in her lace!  Adam is her perfect match because without taking his eyes off his new wife (AHHH just saying that makes me grin ear to ear) , he took off right after her!  He had this light in his eyes that just oozed love and mush and yep that’s my bride fearless, fun and oh so breathtaking!

I will never forget that moment.  I will never forget Christie’s smile as she was finally able to let go, relax and stand on her beach next to her new husband!

-Here are some other things/events I learned or that happened this weekend:

  • If you take your shoes off to shoot on the beach, place them either on an available pier, in a bag with a friend to watch over, or if all else fails in extremely high ground (higher than you think is completely necessary!) I lost my shoes to the waves on Saturday during our epic romantic portrait session!  If you follow on instagram (@kbrooketucker, I posted a pic!) I thought I placed them high enough in the dune grass but sadly, the ocean had another idea!  As the bridal party and I  walked back towards the pier, we all had a good laugh as we saw my black flip flops rolling through the waves being tossed here and there!  We did rescue one!  I ended up walking barefoot the rest of the night and that was actually amazing.  Maybe I will “lose my shoes” every wedding!
  • Fried Green Bean Chips~  Ok I know this is NOT what they are called.  It’s not even a great description.  Let me just tell you the story!  Vicki and I (my incredible second shooter and friend) stopped off and Morris Farmer’s Market on the way home from the wedding yesterday.  If you haven’t been, it’s super cute and it quickly became my favorite little farmer’s market down there.  Vicki and took the time to sample every possible item we could and enjoy our little stroll through the goodies.  We came to the nuts and the dried fruits and chips section and I noticed… dehydrated/fried green beans.  They were bright and vibrant.. I love that.  They looked salty and crunchy, another bonus.  So I tried one, skeptically.  OMG HOLD THE PHONE PEOPLE!  They are amazing.  I ate an entire bag on the way home.
  • It’s EXACTLY 3 WEEKS until we leave for Florida to see some of my favorite people and also trick or trick with Mickey!  YEP!  I can hardly contain myself!  I don’t even want to talk about yet because it’s too far away (yet ohh so close!)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  In the meantime… just look Christie and see how stunning she is!  I can’t wait to blog this wedding!  She and Adam are seriously the perfect match and soul mates in every way!  I thought I would cry more AT the wedding and I was a little weirded out that I didn’t.  I realize now that I saved all my tears because NOW (I guess in the comfort of my own home) as I cull and work my way through editing… I’m sobbing friends!  It’s embarrassing actually… I’m really glad I wasn’t like this Saturday!  But seriously… look at my childhood friend…

Gorgeous Kitty Hawk Pier, Outer Banks North Carolina Wedding, Sand and Waves, by Brooke Tucker Photography


HI Guys!

Ok… I did it!!!  WOHOO!!  Ya’ll I totally feel like shouting from the roof tops because I did it, I made the first video blog (and yes friends if you caught the behind the scenes from instagram, I made it out of the bath tub!)  That was kind of amazing in itself!

When I sat down for my mentoring session with Justin and Mary, one thing Mary made me promise to start among the many lists of tasks she sent me home with, was to video blog! I never realized how hard that was going to be.  I am NOT a shy person, but really getting myself in front of a video camera and talking… I kind of panicked!!!  It’s really hard putting yourself out there and being vulnerable;  but actually that is just what this post is all about!

What being REAL means and why REAL over being perfect is so important to me.

I have to admit, I made like 200 videos.  I had problems with the video sticking… and I may have screamed at the computer a few times.  My pitbull actually ran and hid from me!

I laughed a lot and cried some too!  At one point, I phoned Amanda Hedgepeth and then totally texted her that I felt like a loser trying to accomplish this task, and I needed to read her words of encouragement.

BUT… the video today talks about why these real moments will last longer than “perfect”ones and that’s why I shared my real moments above about trying to make this first video!

I’m kind of nervous to share it with you because it’s not super fancy!  It’s not professional and it’s sooo not perfect!  I’m at home sitting at my kitchen bar praying that the computer holds up!  I’m hoping I don’t say “um” too many times and that you aren’t totally weirded out by my minnie mouse voice!  I’m in my 30’s and yes I look like a high schooler and sound like one too.

BUT… I know that if one person hears what I say about letting go of perfect today… I’ll rest my head on the pillow with a stupid happy grin!!!

So here it goes friends:  The first video blog ever ( and a big thanks to Mary for pushing me to do this!)


Thanks again for watching friends.. and please if you have any suggestions on topics for video blogs, leave them below!

With lots of warm hugs…



  • September 24, 2015 - 3:47 pm

    Audrey - Oh my gosh, Brooke, you are the sweetest thing ever!! You totally rocked this! Love your message! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • September 24, 2015 - 4:00 pm - aw thank you!! Thank you for the encouragement!ReplyCancel

  • September 24, 2015 - 3:55 pm

    Elizabeth - you have such a way with words and a passion in your wisdom!! This brought me to tears!! Keep on telling this as it is a concept that needs to be heard!! Real and raw moments before anything perfect for the win!!!! Love you!!ReplyCancel

Ok ya’ll… I’ve been HINTING at this!  In fact, I think I’ve just flat out talked about it before but let’s just come out and really say it right here at the risk of repeating myself… yes friends, I’m re-branding and it just feels so good!

I love Bonnie, from B is for Bonnie Designs.  I can’t even begin to put into words what working with her has truly done for my heart and my soul. I met Bonnie at Creative at Heart in March.  Her talk on what it means to authentically brand from the heart rocked me to the core! I had been thinking of a brand refresh, something that could reflect some changes in my business.  Those of you that have been following me for a now probably already recognized a bit of a shift and growth in both my work and also in my focus.

When I started in this lovely/crazy world of photography, I just loved it all!  I wanted to shoot everything that I could and anything that anyone would allow me the honor to capture (because friends we always have to remember that it IS an honor when individuals allow us to capture them in front of our cameras).  But of course, as the way it is with most things with time, I started to find my place and I found where my heart truly lies… children and families.

I came to find my heart and I wanted everything about my “brand” to reflect what I was feeling!  

This is where Creative at Heart came in.  We really didn’t have the money to spare for me to go, but Tuck said do it… and I went.  I went to gain some insight on how to better plan for this new shift in business.  I went so I could understand how to better serve my clients when I had this much heart tugging behind at the strings and well Bonnie just “got me”.

It sounds so silly,  but when she spoke straight from her heart about her belief on branding and authenticity, he moved me so much that I cried.  I knew I needed her and so I contacted her right away when I got home.  (Right away meaning, I said hi hubs… it was amazing but let me tell you about this amazing girl and sorry but I have to get on e mail while I chat with you!)

My experience so far working with her… OH MY GOSH YA’LL.. It’s not just about my business, it’s also been who I want to be within my business!

Every time we talk, I just feel at peace and honestly that is a part of our vision:  peace!

We set out to really create a brand that is real, raw and endearing!  Those were my three words that I wrote down at creative and that I want to carry with me in everything I do.

I also wanted a sense of peace; something that when you see it you just exhale!  Exhale out all the day:  your tasks, your ‘to-do’s’, your ‘ I shoulds’s’,  and inhale your family, your moments, your gratitude, and your story!

I want colors in my life that just induce a sense of calm!  These days, especially as mommas, we are running around at a fast pace.  Life is fast and we are expected to carry out numerous roles and tasks each and every second.  I want a space where the moments can slow down.  I want a place to appreciate the seconds we have and where we can relax in them, where we can just breathe into them.

I want those moments to be real moments, not rushed ones that need to be something that they truly aren’t.  I don’t want perfect moments… I want real moments and real moments happen and can be appreciated when we can let go of ourselves!

We can be real and honest with ourselves, when we can truly let our guard down and be vulnerable.

I wanted colors that reflected a sense of safety so that maybe we can all embrace our imperfections and realize that when we drop off focusing on what isn’t and focus on what IS, we can feel free and grateful!  We can start focusing on others and love with a love that is more unconditional.

Here is a little sneak peek of our mood board!!  To be honest.. I had NO IDEA what a mood board was until Bonnie created this for me!  It’s a combination of the pins that inspired me and ya’ll, I truly want to frame it!

I love all the natural tones:  deep blues and grey’s!  The ocean and waves are so important to me and they are deep rooted into my childhood.  It’s only fitting that those beachy tones fold into my new brand.  If you aren’t convinced (especially since I fought these tones for so long) just take a walk into my house and you fill find they are everywhere, surfboards included on the walls!

We are far along and will be having a BIG REVEAL so so sooo soon!  Not only has Bonnie created an entirely new BRAND for me;  but she is also working on a website and blog!

Soo keep checking back as I will share some more elements next week (sneak peeks rock) and we will be revealing REALLY SOON with a few instagram give aways (who doesn’t love those!) and some launch week goodies and some local love!

Thank you Bonnie… for just being everything you are, heart and soul!  I wish the world had more beautiful souls like you!  I wish I could carry you with me and give everyone a Bonnie.  I think if everyone had a Bonnie, we would all have healed hearts!



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