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You’ve been waiting so long to meet this precious little one who you’ve been dreaming about and wondering about for months, years, possibly even your whole life!

You’ve counted all fingers and all toes and marveled at their soft skin and delicate lashes and little perfect rosebud lips!  You want to savor each tiny detail because every single moment means change and growth and something new on the horizon!

You have your session booked with your photographer for a newborn session so you can hold on to those precious just  new and fresh moments so you can remember how tiny, how delicate and how sleepy they are!

We’ve all seen the stunning images of the baby in the basket or hanging from the tree branch!  We’ve seen the adorable outfits and then snuggly pictures all wrapped up tight and swaddled on the blankets!  We fell in love with the babies from Anne Geddes.  But what about all those real moments?  What about those first few days when you are bringing the baby home and meeting him or her?  What about when you are truly getting to know one another?

I adore Lifestyle Newborn Sessions just for this reason alone because you really get to capture what real life is like in those first few weeks as you are getting to know one another!

What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session?  It’s when a photographer comes to your house instead of having you show up at a studio.  It’s where you get to spend the time in the comfort of your own home and baby can be relaxed and comfortable with all of their own things!  The photographer captures life how it really is:  baby and family getting to know one another and soaking up all the time just loving one another and laughing and loving.  It’s about capturing the small tender moments with one another.  This type of session moves with the flow of baby!

Tuck and I decided to have one of these session when we brought Linc home!  I wanted something simple and I wanted something that would really show how incredible we felt just to be able to bring Linc home from the hospital.  Our pregnancy wasn’t easy and our birth wasn’t a walk in the park either!  We had to wait several days and have several days of testing before we could bring our son home, so that first week of just relaxing and simple being HOME was incredible meaningful to us.

Here are a few of our images from our personal lifestyle newborn session!  Images courtesy of Lauren Sanders Photography

When you are thinking about your newborn session here are some things to think about:

  • Do you want to stay in your own home
  • Do you want your nursery and other areas of your home captured
  • Do you want more family pictures than just baby alone
  • Do you like the idea of baskets and props

Newborn studio sessions are amazing!  I have some of Linc as well that I absolutely adore!  But there’s also just something that pulls at my heart strings about documenting diaper changes in the nursery, or sitting in the rocking chair with your baby.  Something that makes me laugh about capturing those moments of warming up bottles or searching for paci’s.  There is nothing more beautiful to me than the first few bath’s given with love or gentle rocking off to sleep!  Part of the lifestyle sessions is about capturing that beautiful new bond you have formed… and nothing speaks of that more to me than the image I captured of Tuck and Linc the very first night we came home together!

As you prepare for your new little one’s arrival, keep in mind what you might want for your images when you come home too!  What type of session do you want because you have soo many different options now… and that is also a beautiful thing!

Every girl has said this at least once in her life… what should I wear?!

Or how about… I have nothing to wear?!

What about this one… What should I pack?!

Do any of these sound familiar?  They sound extremely familiar to me right now and not just as a photographer but this time as someone that’s going beyond my comfort zone and on the other side on the lens.  I”m preparing my family for our own session upcoming this weekend and I have to give it all you mommas out there, it’s not an easy task:  packing the bag for your family!

There are so many elements to think about!  Who should wear what, should there be outfit changes for everyone in the family?  Should toys or distractions be packed?  What if someone gets dirty?  What if someone needs a diaper change or worse, there is a definite need for a change of pants?!  What if something happens to my clothes as a mom?  Is this outfit washable?

So… what exactly should you pack for your family session?  Today’s post is all about that question!

What’s in the bag!

  • Clothes!  Pick 2 outfits for everyone.  A dressy outfit that everyone is comfortable in and represents who they are.  I say this because if you have a little one that has a very strong opinion, let them help you pick out their outfits!  Not everyone has to be matchy matchy.  I love fun and vibrant colors. I love when families mix and match.
  • Clothes part 2:  Pick a casual outfit for everyone!  This is really where you can let your family have fun!  If your little one wants to rock a tutu LET HER!  Super hero outfit… why not?!  I really and truly believe with all my heart that the best images are those that are completely authentic and true to who we are right now in our every day lives!  In my every day life that means Linc wears his pants rolled over a bunch of times and white t-shirts so that’s what I’m going with!  Now… this doesn’t mean that everyone in my family will actually change into the second outfit!  In fact, I will probably be the only one BUT it is always nice for them to have a second option, especially the toddler who loves dirt!
  • Distraction objects:  Bring favorite toys, books, bubbles, games etc!  Pick a few items that your little ones LOVE and bring them along for the ride.  These will serve many purposes during our session:  it will help break the ice a bit while little ones are getting used to the big camera lens and it will also make for some wonderful candid play time images!  Plus, I love to just spend some time in the beginning letting little ones get to know me and the best way to do that is for me to play with them!
  • Snacks:  I usually keep a few extra snacks in my bag because modeling can work up an appetite and no one likes to work when they are hungry!  🙂  I pack healthy fruit leather, sometimes I have goldfish crackers and sometimes I even have suckers or other really good treats!  I always ask parents permission but it’s really nice if you know your little ones have favorite snacks if you bring them along with you!  Snacks also make for great photo additions as well!  I love to snap a few photos of the family just snacking and chatting!
  • Water!  Enough said!  It’s so hot out right now and we can all drink a little more water!
  • Hair Brush:  If you are a stickler about your hair, or just have fine hair like me… bring along your brush!  When it’s time for an outfit change just run the brush through real quick and your as good as new!
  • Lip gloss or stain:  While we are on the subject of brushes, let’s just put it out there for the mamas that a little bit of gloss or stain never hurt a girl either!  I prefer a bit of stain in the summer just because my hair always seems to get stuck on my lips when I have gloss on.  I use either a stain or a colored chapstick!
  • A Surprise item:  Something totally fun and unexpected!  It’s a game changer and will add excitement and fun to any session at any time!  It can be something as simple as a bubble machine or fun big bubble wand to elaborate like a teepee or new toy!  Anything you can think of just to shake it up a bit!

These are just a few things I usually pack in my own bag and keep on hand in my car for sessions!  If you are using styling or have a concept for your session that’s even better and will give you more direction on what to pack in your bag!

Talk with your photographer and come up with a list together!  Things will always come up and items will be left behind or you will over pack and that’s OK!  Just remember that it’s the unexpected moments that happen during the session that always lead to the best and most cherished images!

Hope these tips were helpful and good luck packing that big momma bear bag in preparation for your session!  I’ve got mine underway as the laundry is going and I’m slowly sneaking the monster trucks from Linc’s toy cabinet into the bag without his knowledge! 😉

We’ve been sick:  ALL OF US!  With this awful sinus infection that has last like 3 weeks long!  SO NOT FUN!  Especially not fun in the summer when all you want to do is just go and enjoy the days and long summer evenings of beautiful sunlight!

I can say that these sniffles and hacking coughs haven’t stopped us from soaking all those long sun bathed evenings up and Linc has been going to bed waaay later than usual (bonus he’s been sleeping in way later than usual too, score!)

But all these sick days and all these long evenings have gotten me out of my usual schedule and I’ve been MIA for a bit.  I’ve been kind of stuck and so I’ve been just soaking up my family and trying to regain some inspiration.  I’ve been trying to set some goals for myself and take stock of where I am in my business and figure out where I want to go and how to get there.

Sometimes in order to do that though, you need to pause and see where you are!  So here’s where I am and here are some things you might not know about me!

In my real life:

  • I am slightly addicted to coffee and usually start my day with 2 cups.  The addiction didn’t happen until after Linc was born and somehow that makes me feel better about it all!
  • I am always cold no matter what the temperature is outside!  ALWAYS!  So I usually wear a hoodie or 3/4 sleeves!  It can be 100 outside and I’m still rocking a hoodie!
  • I usually don’t wear make-up, especially in the summer!  I rub my eyes too much and that leads to smudging and that leads to more dark circles under my eyes which makes me look like I have black eyes…. so I just leave it all off!  It’s not glamorous and I probably would look more decent with some mascara and something else but I don’t wear it usually.  (It would also help if I knew how to put make up on properly instead of looking like Linc took a permanent marker and scribbled all over my face too)
  • You can usually find me in yoga clothes!  I teach body flow which is a Les Mills Yoga class… so that’s my excuse!  But let’s be honest here, they are just comfy!  AND because I teach I wear fancy yoga clothes so they look like real clothes anyway! 😉
  • Linc and I usually match our hairstyles!  When I say this I mean he smeared yogurt in his hair during this morning’s breakfast and because I can’t resist a hug or a kiss, he also clumped it in my hair too so now there’s a big ratty yogurt knot in mine!  (at least it makes it smell good?!)
  • I make a million lists every day… and then I lose track of them.  So I make more (of the same list).
  • I am a lover of the heating pad ( and it makes me feel like a little old granny)
  • I laugh a lot and I snort when I do it… sometimes I do the gasp even like my toddler!
  • My loved ones are afraid of me when I eat a buttered biscuit because I can detach my jaw to do it!
  • I have all these ideas for photo sessions and I seek families to help me create the magic in my head!
  • I’m a horrible business woman and my goal for this next year is to learn some skills!

All these little things and so much more help me see where my business is today and also where I want my business to be in the future!  It helps me see who I am in my business and how I can grow to make my business better suit myself and my family!

Sometimes taking stock like this is helpful!  Who are you in your real life?!

Just a few pictures from our usual days:  soaking up the pool, playing with the new family member… paddle board lessons.  Our life is full of  a streaking naked toddler and a zooming blurry mass of a dog!  Dinner is what we scrounge or crock pot and afternoons are splashes and monster truck crashes!

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